October 27, 2012, Closing concert of the VI International Organ Festival Alcala Cathedral

Hungry for Music

Saturday afternoon, the Cathedral and Plaza Magistral of Saints Children got filled out with a rows of Alcalaínos expected to attend an official event. It was not at a free exhibition, not even a demonstration in favor of culture and education, nor a political rally with snack. True, the mob was hungry for the music. The final concert of the VI International Organ Festival 2012 Alcala Cathedral reflected that even without any official support, the festival had massive support from a city that needs high quality music.
The final concert was featured Orchestra and Chorus of the UAH, and also Liudmila Matsyura, who is organist and festival organizer.

Not often you can see to see the cathedral full of enthusiasm to listen and enjoy the music. The huge media success is due solely to the organizing team, whose restless work must be recognized and supported. In difficult times easier to look away rather than to understand that this city is looking for the great music.

The concert had its target to please different age groups as well as different tastes. Both targets were achieved and exceeded expectation. Concert had no shortage in well-known pieces of Baroque music. Brightness, passion and enthusiasm were presented in equal parts. The choir sounded very tuned, saving the trouble of fighting against the imposing organ. I also have to highlight all the work that was invested into the quartet of soloists by the conductor. We hope to hear them more often. The orchestra fought acoustics did not help but it is fair to note that accompanied the organist with sufficiency and agility in Handel concert and we were thrilled to Adagio in G-minor. The soloists Iñaki Urbina (oboe) and Isabel Kindler (soprano) added shine and elegance to the tissue of this great program. Liudmila Matsyura was enveloping the whole concert. She played, listened, waited and wrapped a magic cloth of music around the organ. Liudmila Matsuyra deserves the gratitude of this city and all its citizens waiting for the next Festival and much more music .

Juan Francisco de Dios Hernández
Doctor of Musicology

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